Bonjour Semester Deux!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Bonjour Semester Deux!

Hey everyone! We made it safe back to Dominica, it was an adventure, but we are here! *whew*

As I sit here in our new apartment looking over the ocean, with our cute little puppy, Domi, at my feet, I can't help but smile and think to myself how lucky we really are. Tropical Storm Erika hit Dominica hard, with over thirty deceased and about fifty missing, it is so hard to see a country that is struggling. It is crazy to believe that we are starting class Monday morning with no delay in schedule, and that even though the entire country lost power, water, and internet about five days ago, we are all here to continue medical school with everything up and running.

These past two weeks have been a whirlwind. They went wayyyy too fast. My friend Viive visited us from Estonia (within Europe..don't worry...before I met her I didn't know it existed either ;)), and we spent our time in Barbados and then we were stuck in Guadaloupe for about four days waiting to hear from Ross. Unfortunately, Viive couldn't make it to Dominica with us, as they had ferries for students first, and then family and visitors second. It wasn't a problem of her visiting Dominica, it was the fact that she may not be able to get out in time for her flight back to Europe. We said our goodbyes about five days early, and that was pretty hard as we have that friendship that's like: "Alright..well..see ya in three years maybe??" So that is always not a fun goodbye.

The trip back to Dominica was not a fun one. Anyone who knows me knows that I get SO sick on ferries. We waited in line in the heat for about an hour and thankfully Ross paid for our tickets. We boarded the packed ferry and went straight to Portsmouth, as the roads from Roseau (the original ferry destination stop) to Portsmouth are not accessible due to the storm. In the end, we are here. We are safe. We FINALLY have power, water, and internet at our apartment and fresh groceries in the bring on Semester two! The reason that some of the title of this post is in the french is that fact that Guadaloupe is a french speaking country, and if you don't know french..look out...they do not like you haha Stephen and I tried to manage our way through, and didn't do too shabby...but if Mr. Russel, my former Grade 12 french teacher, could hear me now..he would be so disappointed.

While unpacking our stuff and checking my Ross email, I got an awesome opportunity from Ross asking me to be a tutor for the incoming class. I was so excited, as it showed that my hard work paid off and was noticed by the university. I can't wait to help out some firsties while simultaneously helping myself stay on top of the material for the Step 1 exam. <-- already freaking out about this exam even though it is a year away. I also got another email from one of the amazing professors at MERP, Dr. Lindner, who asked me to be a representative from RUSM to prospective MERP students, as they do webinars for students to allow them to speak to us and ask questions. There is one representative chosen from AUC (another Caribbean medical school) and RUSM, so I am very happy to stay a part of the MERP program and community! Thank you Dr. Lindner for thinking of me. Furthermore, I have gotten some amazing emails from my blog that literally made me tear up. So many nice things were said not only about the blog, but me personally, so for that I thank you. I also have many instagram followers that ask numerous questions and follow my journey throughout Ross through my pictures (@d1todr). One follower in particular is a current MERP student and he suggested that I do a video for his MERP class and talk about my time on the island thus far; and I thought this was a great idea. One email later in to Dr. Lindner, I am recording myself tonight and sending the video to Florida and Canada so both classes can see my beautiful face haha it looks rough right now due to traveling, so sorry in advance Merpers.

I love being a part of such a great community of not only prospective Ross students, Caribbean med students, current students, but MERP students as well, I have connections with all of you and I am forever grateful. To the 1st semesters that saw me in IGA here in Dominica yesterday and follow my blog and took the time to say hello and introduce yourselves, you honestly make me happy! Thank you so much. Thank you for reading and please do not hesitate to ask me questions! 

Off to walk our little princess, Domi, and give her a nice bath after. This is going to be a busy semester, but I am ready. Cardio Physiology here I come!

Bye for now,

-E xo